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Sap'Second Asap Methodology (Accelerated Sap)

ASAP Methodology (Accelerated SAP) is a standard SAP related project preparation and systems implementation method, developed too updated by consultants that are involved inward implementing SAP software products. This methodology is besides useful for project managers and others who implement systems that back up business organization processes.

The role of ASAP methodology is to assist blueprint SAP implementation in the virtually efficient mode possible.Its destination is to effectively optimize time, people, lineament together with other resource, using a proven methodology to implementation.

Phases of ASAP methodology is 
•        Phase 1 Project Preparation
•        Phase ii Business Blueprint
•        Phase three Realization
•        Phase four Final Preparation
•        Phase v Go-Live too support

  • Preparation. Once a client decided has decided on its ERP system, so they fix the landscape of the project. In this footstep, server information, projection toll, resource, Subject Matter Experts (SME), and business teams are decided by the PMO (the Project Management Organization). It consists of project managers, a steering committee, nitty-gritty business members, too sponsors. A projection squad studies legacy systems and gathers data regarding gist systems, interfaces, what interfaces the customer wants, what is necessary, what is overnice to accept, etc. The core team carries out "equally-is" studying, a study of the electric current system as well as its processes. The projection management squad too hires resource as well as carries out project planning together with outline.

  • Business Blueprint. In this stage the essence team does "GAP analysis," an analysis of the differences betwixt the system as is together with the system to live studied. Allocated resource write downwards the rules as well as requirements for the novel system. Integration points, interfaces in addition to process maps are finalized. Functional consultants write the functional specification. If needed technical specifications are written down for developers to do farther configuration. A testing team also started working on preparing testing steps together with scenarios. Financial specifications as well as technical specifications are created inwards this footstep for farther development and configurations.
  • Realization. In the realization step, functional consultants comport out configuration. Development is done for the required customization. Testing is carried out past the marrow squad. Basis configuration is carried out by the safety squad. A basis team moves all configurations from i server to some other for testing purpose. Testing is by and large done inwards the character control server. All the configurations upload principal data across all modules (sample load of few parts or entire information end equally per client wants). Unit testing in addition to integration testing has been done past the testing team. Unit testing, integration testing, as well as day-inwards-the-life testing fall out at this phase.
  • Pre-Goes-Live Phase In this pace, all configurations from the gold customer volition be moved to other services. Uploading principal information into the novel organisation is done mostly using LSMW, BAPI or BADI. Cut-over activities are done entirely when we end the legacy system together with commencement using the SAP arrangement. End-user grooming and user documentation are carried out inwards this pre-go-alive phase. After all cutting-over activities, SAP implementation goes live inward a product surroundings.
  • Post-Production Support. In this footstep, the squad helps the client to solve if whatsoever production result came regarding configuration, primary information change, or transaction issues. Also, the team will furnish grooming to users together with super-users. All the support documentation run has been completed in this step.

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