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Sap Business Concern Bydesign – Not Halting, But Advancing To Adjacent Generation Platform

SAP has one time again reaffirmed that ByDesign is hither to stay, despite notwithstanding some other circular of competitors making upwards “sunset” fantasies based on rumor.

We sure experience that it’s reasonable to change the evolution lifecycle on a product that already offers more out-of-the-box functionality than its competitors, with even more than on the way. In fact, nosotros come across tremendous potential based on recent announcements, in addition to in that location are many reasons why:

Common Platform

As nosotros’ve already seen tremendous increment in addition to quick adoption of the HANA Cloud Platform, ByDesign entirely stands to do good every bit the improvement of this platform is accelerated past its commonality with other applications, including Business Suite, which already has a growing customer base of operations on the HANA Cloud. While the SMB marketplace oft doesn’t have the deep pockets to fund “perfection”, big enterprises oft have both the want in addition to the resource. This rise tide of improvements volition lift all the ships, ByDesign being one of the many that nosotros anticipate for the future.

Moving to HTML/SAPUI5

While the electric current Silverlight User Interface fulfilled what was necessary, the User Interface volition exclusively become amend too easier to function one time the act is made to HTML/JavaScript/CSS. We’ve already received a gustatory modality of what is to come up with SAPUI5 (equally it has been implemented for portions of Business Suite through Fiori, with more than on the manner) – too it is genuinely a adjacent-generation User Interface – which is a far-call from others that await as well as feel like they were built inward 1998. While customers may live concerned that these User Interface improvements mightiness negatively bear upon functioning, we believe it volition brand for a ameliorate user experience equally shown inwards the next example.


Along alongside all ByDesign users, we’re anticipating pregnant functioning improvements. In fact, nosotros’ve already seen a pocket-size portion of what’s possible amongst a customization that FMT built for 1 of our clients. Here’sec the case:
The customer needed to update several hundred Project Task schedules, likewise every bit the Remaining Work for several thou Work Packages. Anyone who’sec used ByDesign Project Management has an idea of how long it would have to load the data through the Silverlight UI – good, our custom front-terminate loaded the full listing of several hundred Project Tasks together with several 1000 Work Packages in 20 seconds. Use of an HTML/CSS front end-stop amongst JavaScript-based information formatting as well as AJAX-based Read/Write allowed for instantaneous user input amongst basic validation, patch the ByDesign Web Services built for the Project Management module retained the power to mail dorsum updates with total standard data validation – and then even potential problems amongst the front end-stop wouldnever touch on the back-end information integrity. This is the functioning we foresee.


The SAPUI5 transition volition brand use of ByDesign through mobile even ameliorate, equally these technologies include native mobile-focused development capabilities. We’re looking forrad to expanded function of ByDesign on mobile platforms, opening up broader possibilities for different business organization function-cases alongside mobile scenarios.


As development partners, nosotros’re for sure excited to continue participation in the SAP ByDesign partner ecosystem. Even as of straight off, it’s extremely slowly to make basic customer-specific deployments – in one case nosotros have the requirements, all nosotros need is a Test Tenant URL, Username, as well as Password to connect to a client’second arrangement and become to function. The ByDesign SDK is built to proceed customizations correctly segregated from criterion organisation functionality, and so there’second no gamble of an errant occupation of code breaking centre functions. As SAP applies best practices methodology to the customization lifecycle, we’re not concerned well-nigh the ongoing maintenance nightmares oft seen amongst customizations to other systems.

Quicker Development Cycle

The campaign to a hot-make based approach towards novel functionality as well as improvements is for sure welcome – nosotros anticipate that nosotros should actually run across a shorter turnaround between requested functionality and implementation.

New Applications as well as Integrations

The HANA Cloud platform will live shared by many solutions, in addition to we foresee new applications being developed from which ByDesign will only do good. We’re expecting that an application developed amongst intent towards role alongside i solution on the HANA Cloud can easily live ported to integrate with ByDesign, as they will percentage the same platform, together with same integration methodology. The expansion of the shared puddle of applications created by third party providers will raise the SAP store experience. This volition inward plough do good customers too partners. Customers will observe the features together with functions required to go their businesses inwards the cloud more efficient together with toll effective. Partners will encounter their custom built applications made available to a much larger ecosystem of products.

Partner Verticals and Industry Specific Solutions

Along alongside new applications existence developed on the HANA Cloud, we anticipate partners creating verticals in addition to manufacture specific solutions that, in addition to ByDesign, accept the potential to integrate amongst whatsoever application on the HANA Cloud platform. This volition open the door for ByDesign to be compatible alongside industries it could never thrive inwards earlier. We foresee this being a slap-up chance for partners to leverage their manufacture specific feel to build applications in the HANA Cloud. This gives customers confidence that when they purchase SAP in the Cloud, they are purchasing a whole ecosystem of applications too verticals that will live available to benefit their business organisation.

Knowledge Capital

ByDesign is transitioning to purpose technologies that are ordinarily used too well understood – patch hundreds of people understood ByDesign together with the SDK, tens or hundreds of thousands are familiar with the common technologies that ByDesign volition live moving towards (HTML, Java, JavaScript, CSS). Additionally, nosotros stand to benefit from the noesis majuscule gained past people working amongst other applications inwards the HANA Cloud infinite; that is, what they learn from other areas tin can live applied to ByDesign. This shift of resources by SAP makes perfect sense. Instead of having 2 groups working on ii sets of identical features for unlike products, combine them to operate on i prepare of features that both products volition do good from.


While more or less customers may not be concerned alongside the exact expect of the application, the campaign towards CSS represents a massive increment inwards flexibility to the await of the user interface, including the ability to brand an solely custom theme. We foresee that customers volition be able to really make ByDesign await as well as feel unique to their company without chance of breaking features or functionality.
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