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Sap Sd Tutorials: Drop Shipping

Drop transportation entails shipping goods directly from your vendor to your client without holding the items as inventory in your warehouses.

A drib-transport warehouse does not really comprise items; it is a ‘virtual’ warehouse. The second the goods ‘get in’ the drop-transport warehouse, y'all send them to your customer.
In society to function amongst driblet shipping in SAP Business One, yous must create a driblet-ship warehouse. For more than data, encounter Defining Drop-Ship Warehouses. SAP Business One does not record whatever inventory postings when you use driblet-transport warehouses inward documents.
When y'all function with a perpetual inventory system, documents inward which driblet-transport warehouses are used make magazine entries that make not reflect the inventory value of the items received or released from a driblet-ship warehouse.
There are 2 measure process provided past SAP inwards the frames of the tertiary-political party processing:
a) Pure third-political party procedure: X creates the sales club, automatically buy requisition in addition to afterward a purchase lodge volition be created at the vendor. Then the vendor sends the goods directly to your client and mail the invoice to X. The society X creates the invoice to the customer Y.
b) Individual purchase gild: the same procedure, just the vendor sends the goods non to the client straight, just start to X, too so the company X delivers the goods to the customer Y. The account is coming from Z to X (transaction MIRO), and then X creates bill to Y.
The recommended Customizing of billing relevance of particular category (transaction VOV7) is 'F' according to invoice receipt.
Dropship warehouse volition be helpful inwards which business scenarios?
A 'Drop Ship' warehouse is used when the company does not manage inventory, but receives commission for every order. This setup is selected in Administration -> Setup -> Stock Management -> Warehouses.  In this scenario, the stock items are non received into the society's physical warehouse. Instead they are directly delivered by the supplier to the society'sec customers.
In SAP Business One, when a 'Drop Ship' warehouse is used inward Sales Delivery too Purchase Receipt transactions, there are no price of sales and stock receipts recorded in the accounts. Accordingly, in that location are no effects on the stocks as well as their valuation costs.
To make up one's mind the gross net profit from Drop Ship transactions, the Sales Invoice has to live associated alongside its corresponding Purchase Invoice. A 'User-Defined plain' (UDF) can be created in the Sales too Purchase documents to serve every bit an identifier for both documents.
What Is The Basic Configuration for TAS (Third party Item category)?
When y'all want to procedure a 3PDS (three party driblet send) next needs to live maintained inwards MM infinite. 
i. Create a Purchase information tape for the Vendor and buy org for the cloth y'all desire the PO to be created of the SO. (using ME11)
two. Now when the sales society is created with TAS detail cat. (which is decided by particular cat assignment table T184 which is setup in STD SAP R/iii). 
iii. If y'all cheque the lodge schedule lines you lot tin see CS as the schedule job true cat. 
4. Once club is saved, if yous go dorsum to schedule line grade y'all will see the PR (purchase req) created. 
v. Take the PR together with go to ME57. together with process it to PO. 
6. If PO is processed till Invoice receipt, and so SO is like a shot fix for billing.

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