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Sap Second/4 Hana Tutorials: Simple Logistics Introduction

SAP Simple Logistics is too called SAP S/iv HANA Enterprise Management. It consists of all the fundamental modules under SAP ERP Business Suite - Material Management, Supply Chain, Demand Planning, Sourcing in addition to Procurement, Contract Management, as well as Manufacturing.
Following business processes tin live managed using SAP due south/four HANA Enterprise Management with improved operation in addition to efficiency for all these processes −
  • Inventory Management − SAP south/iv HANA Enterprise Management provides a simplified data model resulting in increased throughput too flexible analytics at the nigh granular level.
  • Procurement − With SAP south/four HANA Enterprise Management, you lot can attain increased efficiency in the Procure-To-Pay processes, new Analytical Apps as well as Spend KPIs, Ariba Network Integration for PO Order too IV.
  • Material Requirements Planning − You can perform fast MRP run, and a new working model for MRP controllers based on determination support.
  • Order Management & Billing − Using S/iv HANA Enterprise Management, y'all tin perform cease-to-terminate social club-to-cash procedure too take activity for any exceptions, data on the exceptions to resolve the issues, lower TCO due to data model simplification, support for the about recent versions of concern features such as FSCM Credit Management, GTS Foreign Trade, SFIN Revenue Accounting, in addition to novel analytical capabilities.

ERP Model vs S/iv HANA Data Model

To make out big volumes of data, SAP has provided next generation Business Suite south/four HANA, which uses computing ability of HANA to procedure huge amounts of information at rattling high speed.
SAP south/four HANA is not a successor of SAP ERP solution in addition to represents a class product line. SAP ERP solution is a class production from SAP. With new southward/iv HANA Data Model, yous can achieve the following benefits over ERP Data Model −
  • In novel S/4 HANA Data Model, it drops all aggregate fields together with history tables (inward full 24 tables).
  • In the new model, in that location is no require to perform updates on aggregation tables.
  • Open for new stock types.
  • High speed evaluations.
With the recent concern development, at that place has been exponential increase of information - social media, big information, together with mobile. In the side by side two years, there will live growth inwards adaption of concern networks. By 2020, there will be 9 billion mobile users worldwide too this volition solely increase amongst time.

SAP southward/iv HANA Business Suite ─ Key Features

Following are approximately of the key features of SAP S/four HANA Business Suite −
  • SAP S/four HANA is designed based on new Fiori user experience which provides a part-based integrated user experience.
  • southward/four HANA can be connected to unlike applications inward existent time to supply realtime information processing and analysis.
  • southward/four HANA runs on inwards-retentiveness HANA database to supply simplifications - no indexes, no aggregates, and no redundancies.
  • SAP south/4 HANA provides a selection of deployment - On-Premise, Cloud, in addition to Hybrid.
  • south/iv HANA provides novel architecture together with data models.
  • Customers tin function the customization fifty-fifty afterward migration of the organisation. Migration of SAP Business Suite to S/4 HANA is done via implementation bundle in the class of SAP Simple Finance as well as Simple Logistics, together with many more.
  • With SAP S/4HANA, SAP is providing a new production as well as a side by side generation of business organisation applications – uncomplicated enterprise software for Big Data as well as is designed to assist yous function elementary inward the digital economy.
 It consists of all the key modules under SAP ERP Business Suite  SAP S/4 Hana Tutorials: Simple logistics Introduction
In the following image, you tin run across different sub-modules available alongside SAP S/iv HANA Business Suite.
 It consists of all the key modules under SAP ERP Business Suite  SAP S/4 Hana Tutorials: Simple logistics Introduction
SAP southward/four HANA Enterprise Management has been designed by reintegrating portions of SAP CRM, SRM, too SCM into this solution. SAP southward/4HANA Enterprise Management is available on-premise and inwards the cloud. It depends on different licensing/subscription models. SAP due south/iv HANA solution tin can live a Cloud solution or yous tin besides implement it every bit On-Premise arrangement similar SAP ERP.

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