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S/Four Hana: Interview Questions .

one.     Question i. What Is Sap S/4hana?
Answer :
SAP due south/4HANA, brusk for SAP Business Suite four SAP HANA, is SAP’sec side by side-generation concern suite. It is a novel product fully built on the about advanced inwards-memory platform today – SAP HANA – as well as mod design principles alongside the SAP Fiori user experience (UX). SAP S/4HANA delivers massive simplifications (customer adoption, data model, user feel, determination making, business concern processes, too models) together with innovations (Internet of Things, Big Data, business concern networks, as well as mobile-starting time) to assistance businesses go simple inwards a digital too networked economic system.

SAP HANASAPの次世代ビジネススイートです。

2.     Question ii. What Does The Name Of Sap S/4hana Stand For?
Answer :
SAP south/4HANA is the brusque class for SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA. It brings the side by side big wave of SAP innovation to our customers, like to the transition from SAP R/ii to SAP R/three. SAP S/4HANA is a new product alongside a new code line of work.

3.     Question 3. What Are The Deployment Options Offered?
Answer :
SAP currently plans to offering on-premise, cloud (public in addition to managed), and hybrid deployments to pass on existent selection to customers. SAP southward/4HANA likewise gives customers the choice to fully leverage the new HANA multitenancy functionality as provided past the SAP HANA platform (currently back up bundle 9) for the cloud.

 southward/four Hanaは、クラウドと、オンプレミス、およびハイブリッドソリューションとして利用できます。
S/ four HANA wa kuraudo de, onpuremisu de, soshite haiburiddo to shite riyō kanōdesu.

4.     Question four. What Is The Business Scope Of The Different Editions?
Answer :
The business organization reach for each edition was designed to offering maximum choice to customers inward alignment amongst their business concern requirements:
SAP south/4HANA, on-premise edition, already offers a business scope that is like in price of coverage, functionality, industries, as well as languages every bit the current SAP Business Suite. Within this orbit, SAP southward/4HANA also includes the transformational simplifications delivered alongside SAP Simple Finance (SAP Accounting powered past SAP HANA) besides equally a planned integration alongside SuccessFactors Employee Central as well as Ariba Network.
The on-premise edition is intended to offer a yearly conception cycle through simplification together with innovation packages. The side by side simplification in addition to design packet is planned for the terminate of 2015.
SAP south/4HANA, public cloud edition, should address specific concern scenarios of lines of business organisation too industries. The first delivery inwards early on 2015 is expected to embrace fundamental scenarios inwards customer date in addition to commerce as well as professional services (ten meat scenarios, summation planned integration amongst SuccessFactors Employee Central, Ariba Network, SAP hybris Marketing).
SAP southward/4HANA, managed cloud edition, should address a like business concern ambit equally the on-premise edition. The showtime delivery inward early on 2015 is planned to already comprehend essential centre ERP scenarios (accounting, controlling, materials management, production planning in addition to command, sales too distribution, logistics execution, found maintenance, projection organisation, too PLM, summation integration with SuccessFactors Employee Central, Ariba Network, SAP hybris Marketing).
The cloud editions are intended to offer a quarterly excogitation wheel.

オンプレミス版のSAP south / 4HANAは、現在のSAPと同じビジネス範囲をすでに提供しています。
Onpuremisu-ban no SAP due south/ four HANA wa, genzai no SAP to onaji bijinesu han'1 o sudeni teikyō shite imasu.

v.     Question 5. How Does Sap S/4hana Relate To Sap Simple Finance Powered By Sap Hana?
Answer :
The SAP Simple Finance solution marked the kickoff footstep in our SAP S/4HANA route map for customers. The solution has demonstrated the value of simplification (for instance, no indexes, no aggregates, together with no redundancies) and minute insight inward Finance. SAP due south/4HANA, on-premise edition leverages the total ambit of SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA included inward SAP Simple Finance. SAP southward/4HANA, managed cloud edition is intended to leverage the same ambit. SAP due south/4HANA, populace cloud edition is planned to focus on a selected orbit of SAP Simple Finance in alignment alongside the cardinal requirements inward finance.
6.     Question half-dozen. Which Industry Solutions Will Be Available In Sap south/4hana And By When?
Answer :
SAP south/4HANA, on-premise edition, supports current lines of business organization and industries.
SAP S4/HANA, world cloud edition, will live released by business concern scenario for specific languages, lines of business concern, too industries. The beginning industry available is currently planned to be the professional services manufacture. The reach will be determined inwards close cooperation amongst the SAP user groups based on client requirements.
SAP due south/4HANA, managed cloud edition, is planned to ultimately accept a similar scope as the on-premise edition. For the outset delivery inward early on 2015, the next nub industries are planned:
Professional Services,Chemicals, Consumer Products, Industrial Machinery and Components, Life Sciences, also as Transportation too Logistics.
vii.     Question 7. How Does Sap south/4hana Relate To Sap’second Existing Portfolio Of Cloud Solutions?
Answer :
SAP S/4HANA shall besides be made available alongside public cloud and managed cloud editions. However, SAP due south/4HANA will non supervene upon our existing portfolio of business-of-business organisation cloud solutions; it volition integrate alongside too expand it. Our comprehensive offering is planned to allow SAP S/4HANA customers to make hybrid scenarios betwixt SAP south/4HANA and cloud solutions from SAP, including those from SuccessFactors in addition to Ariba besides equally integration alongside SAP hybris Marketing. This fashion customers tin leverage the cloud at their ain step, based on their needs, piece keeping all the integration too concern benefits of their existing SAP solutions. In add-on, SAP due south/4HANA is designed to easily connect alongside global business organization networks such equally,for example, the Ariba Network too Concur.
8.     Question viii. Does Sap Provide Prepackaged Integration For Sap southward/4hana To The Existing Cloud Solutions From Sap?
Answer :
Yes, this service is provided equally SAP Rapid Deployment solutions alongside SAP southward/4HANA as well as volition live delivered alongside prepackaged integration (for instance integration betwixt SuccessFactors together with SAP due south/4HANA inward HCM). 
ix.     Question 9. Is Sap south/4hana Multitenant?
Answer :
SAP southward/4HANA gives customers the choice to leverage the HANA multitenancy functionality equally provided past the SAP HANA platform (currently back up package nine).
10.  Question 10. Can Customers Run Different Sap south/4hana Editions In Parallel In Their Enterprise Architecture?
Answer :
Yes, SAP S/4HANA editions are integrated together with run by and large on the same data semantic. 
xi.  Question eleven. How Does Sap Hana Cloud Platform Relate To Sap south/4hana?
Answer :
In the context of SAP southward/4HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Platform serves equally an extension platform too agility layer. It is possible to build specific capabilities extending the ambit of SAP S/4HANA past either integrating non-SAP functions or building your own capabilities. The cloud platform not entirely serves as the development platform just also as the runtime foundation for the developed solutions. The extensions built on the cloud platform tin run against both cloud together with on-premise deployments of SAP south/4HANA.
12.  Question 12. How Does The Sap Hana Enterprise Cloud Service Relate To Sap southward/4hana?
Answer :
For SAP S/4HANA, managed cloud edition, we are leveraging the same infrastructure equally a service (IaaS), data centers, as well as safety qualities, though the lifecycle management is dissimilar. Innovation updates for the cloud editions are planned on a quarterly ground, to live consumed by the client, as well as managed by SAP.
thirteen.  Question thirteen. What Is The Benefit To The Data Model For Using An In-memory Platform?
Answer :
SAP due south/4HANA delivers high-volume transaction processing (OLTP) too high volume existent-fourth dimension analytical processes (OLAP) based on a unified information model without the redundant information layers typically required by traditional RDBMS based systems. This reduces TCO while providing novel opportunities to increment business organization value from existing investments. Examples for redundant data layers are custom-built layers based on database tuning efforts such as secondary indexes, or application built-in operation accelerators such as aggregate tables or multiple general ledger versions for dissimilar managerial reporting needs. The massive simplifications of the information model in addition to the information processing layers enable business organization too technological innovations on a broad scale across all lines-of-concern too manufacture solutions. The new application architecture simplifies arrangement landscape architectures and accelerates cloud deployments on an economic scale.
14.  Question 14. Will Sap Continue To Deliver Innovations To Sap Business Suite Customers On Anydb?
Answer :
Yes. SAP remains committed to protect our customers’ investments. We of late announced that nosotros are extending our maintenance commitment until at to the lowest degree 2025. This is an unprecedented commitment to customers in the IT manufacture. We will besides keep to deliver innovations without disruption (through enhancement packages for instance) to SAP Business Suite customers on anyDB together with on SAP HANA. However, transformational business together with IT simplifications take a transformational platform as well as this is why every bit of today SAP south/4HANA runs alone on SAP HANA. It is the logical next stride for our installed base customers and the biggest footstep forward for x+ years amongst total compatibility alongside SAP ERP half-dozen.0.
15.  Question fifteen. Do Sap south/4hana And Sap Business Suite Share The Same Data Semantic?
Answer :
With SAP southward/4HANA, SAP has developed a novel production that leverages basic data structures as well as elements of the SAP Business Suite for maximum compatibility, not-disruptive migration too hybrid scenarios. However, SAP S/4HANA provides new business organisation functionality on peak of these data structures natively built on the SAP HANA platform together with designed with the SAP Fiori UX principles. SAP Business Suite on-premise customers on the latest enhancement package can easily move to this new production only by migrating to the SAP HANA database in addition to applying the telephone exchange design (novel code) to their current SAP Business Suite surround.
xvi.  Question xvi. What Is The Fundamental Difference Between The Old Sap Business Suite Code Line And The New Sap S/4hana Product Code Line?
Answer :
The development approach of SAP south/4HANA is to eliminate all artefacts that take been introduced equally performance workarounds for classical row-based RDBMS. These are aggregates too programmed indexes that contained no semantic value in addition to only provided fast access to sums together with information. On the downside, these created interconnections inward the application together with complexity inwards how to lock the arrangement to avoid conflicting updates inward aggregates. Moreover, significant code had to be developed for lengthy ETL (extract-transformload) scenarios incurring information preparation together with exception management routines caused past latency. This component part of the code did non behave business semantic in itself, merely served every bit “operation proliferation” inwards business organisation processes. With SAP S/4 HANA, these different types of workaround on restrictions based on technical limitations are no longer necessary, equally the latest information together with the time go from the columnar store can live accessed instantaneously across all inserts and updates too hence eliminates the demand for whatever overhead of the index and aggregates.
17.  Question 17. What Is The Typical Journey For An Existing Sap Business Suite Customer?
Answer :
Moving to SAP southward/4HANA for a typical existing SAP ERP vi.0 client volition ask a move to the latest enhancement bundle, followed past a database migration from anyDB to SAP HANA combined with the deployment of the exchange conception (novel code). From an execution perspective, these steps tin be executed inwards sequence or equally a combined stride. Moving to SAP S/4HANA for an existing SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA customer is fifty-fifty faster as alone the deployment of the central invention (new code) is required. Both journeys are well proven inward the marketplace amongst several hundred of live SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA customers as well equally SAP Simple Finance alive customers.

ECCからsouthward / 4 HANAへのアップグレードには2つの可能性があります。
i. ECC half-dozen.0からsouthward / ivまで。
ii. HANA付きECCからsouthward / 4HANAへ。

一番目について、最新のパッケージに移行することが必要です, その後 south / iv HANAへの移行。
二番目の場合は、交換イノベーション という新しいコードを実装することだけです.

ECC kara south/ iv HANA e no appugurēdo ni wa 2tsu no kanōsei ga arimasu. one. ECC half-dozen. 0 Kara south/ 4 made. ii. HANA-tsuki ECC kara due south/ 4 HANA e. Ichi-banme ni tsuite, saishin no pakkēji ni ikō suru koto ga hitsuyōdesu, sonogo due south/ iv HANA e no ikō. Ni-banme no baai wa, kōkan inobēshon to iu atarashī kōdo o jissō suru koto dakedesu.

xviii.  Question 18. How Can Sap Partners Support The Move Of A Customer To Sap south/4hana?
Answer :
SAP has an established partner ecosystem (value-added retailers in addition to systems integrators) that is ready to resell and service SAP due south/4HANA for our joint existing in addition to novel customers to implement futurity innovations. More than fifty% of the SAP Business Suite powered past SAP HANA projects were managed past partners. Partners as well as SAP volition support customers inwards their journeying with predefined migration, arrangement conversion in the cloud, and deployment packages for quicker fourth dimension to value. Companies of all sizes volition do good from the highquality service in addition to reseller capabilities our partners render.
nineteen.  Question 19. What Happens To Existing Modifications When A Customer Moves To Sap S4/hana?
Answer :
In whatever scenario, the act to SAP southward/4HANA is a swell chance to validate the existing modifications and simplify your solution. It has non been strange for customers to realize that fifty% of the modifications that hamper fast unloose cycles in addition to need long exam cycles were no longer necessary to work the business concern, but were leftovers from older projects spell the remaining modifications could take been built inward a less intrusive mode. When moving to SAP southward/4HANA, world cloud edition, customers will move their modifications to SAP HANA Cloud Platform as an extension. Also, customers that make the selection of the SAP S/4HANA, managed cloud edition, the recommended approach is to purpose SAP HANA Cloud Platform extensions to provision enhancements. In fact, touchstone champaign extensions tin can direct be done inside the SAP Fiori UX while SAP HANA Cloud Platform tin live leveraged for more than meaning developments. SAP southward/4HANA, on-premise edition, provides maximum customization opportunities: on premise equally traditionally done inwards the by or through SAP HANA Cloud Platform. SAP has several references of SAP Business Suite customers using SAP HANA Cloud Platform extensions for on-premise systems. In general, the SAP HANA extension framework of SAP HANA Cloud Platform uses SAP HANA every bit the common platform for SAP S/4HANA together with offers additional choices such equally the integration of open beginning solutions. The extension framework has the reward to isolate modifications from the substance too effort agility for the on-premise deployment together with safeguard agility for cloud deployments. This way that rather than modifying the centre code, enhancements are put inward a “safe” surroundings so that design packages tin can live easily applied. The inwardness SAP south/4HANA organization remains “clean” together with tin be chop-chop in addition to easily updated when new innovations are added – inward just the same fashion that consumer mobile apps are updated on a regular footing.

20.  Question twenty. What Happens To Existing Legacy Interfaces If A Customer Moves To Sap south/4hana?
Answer :
SAP southward/4HANA, on-premise edition, currently supports the existing published legacy interfaces.

21.  Question 21. How Does Sap southward/4hana Relate To And Coexist With The Existing Sap Landscapes?
Answer :
A single system can always exclusively live on SAP southward/4HANA or on the traditional SAP Business Suite (on SAP HANA or anyDB). However, customers tin make up one's mind to move class installations inside their landscape individually to SAP south/4HANA in addition to make non have to make a “big smasher” for their whole organization landscape – as well as thence work inward a mixed surround. As SAP southward/4HANA as well as SAP Business Suite are using semantically consistent information structures, a act to SAP southward/4HANA is nondisruptive.
22.  Question 22. Can A Customer Choose To Run The Traditional Sap User Interface And Custom Screens Or Is Sap Fiori Mandatory?
Answer :
All SAP southward/4HANA innovations are intended to live delivered alongside SAP Fiori UX providing the same experience on all devices. However, a client using SAP due south/4HANA is planned to however be able to swallow the traditional user interfaces.
23.  Question 23. What Is The Pricing Model For Sap south/4hana?
Answer :
For the on-premise version, SAP Business Suite customers ask to purchase the SAP S/4HANA foundationpromotion license to work the novel SAP southward/4HANA code line. SAP is offering the next promotion until the cease of Q3/2015: • Existing SAP Business Suite customers take to procure the SAP HANA runtime license for SAP Business Suite (@fifteen% HSAV = SAP HANA Software Application Value) as well as will go the SAP S/4HANA foundation-advertisement license at no additional cost. • Existing SAP Business Suite powered past SAP HANA customers alongside a valid SAP HANA limited runtime license for SAP Business Suite (LREA) are eligible for the SAP due south/4HANA foundation-advertisement license without additional toll. For the cloud, the pricing model will live subscription-based too communicated at a afterwards phase. Please contact your local sales instance for more data.
24.  Question 24. Are Successfactors, Ariba, Concur, Sap Hybris Marketing, And Other Cloud Solutions From Sap Included In The Sap south/4hana Product License?
Answer :
SAP due south/4HANA is planned to integrate amongst our existing cloud portfolio offerings. These offerings remain offered nether separate license/subscription.
25.  Question 25. Will Customers That Have Licensed Sap Accounting Powered By Sap Hana Get A Credit?
Answer :
Yes, all customers that already purchased a SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA license will go a corresponding credit for upcoming purchases. For details as well as conditions, delight contact your local sales example.
26.  Question 26. How Does Sap due south/4hana Relate To south-innovations?
Answer :
second-innovations was the internal project bring up for our evolution programme too will not live used anymore.
27.  Question 27. How Does Sap southward/4hana Relate To Sap Business Bydesign And Sap Business One?
Answer :
SAP Business ByDesign remains a dedicated finish-to-stop cloud ERP application for midsize companies that want to run their entire concern on unmarried cloud application. SAP Business One remains a dedicated ERP choice for pocket-size businesses inwards all industries

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