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Sap Fiori - Architecture

The fundamental components in high-grade landscape of SAP Fiori architecture are given below.
SAP Fioriアーキテクチャのハイレベルランドスケープの主要コンポーネントは以下のとおりです。

SAP Web Dispatcher (Reverse Proxy)

SAP Web dispatcher is the offset point of contact in SAP Fiori architecture for stop users. This handles all web browser requests from stop users via mobile devices or laptops.
SAP Webディスパッチャーは、エンドユーザーにとってのSAP Fioriアーキテクチャーの最初の窓口です。 これは、モバイルデバイスまたはラップトップを介したエンドユーザからのすべてのWebブラウザ要求を処理します。
It is an entry indicate for all HTTP/HTTPS requests as well as defines if a arrangement has to have or pass up the requests as well as the server where asking should get. It tin reject or have connection to SAP Fiori system.

これは、すべてのHTTP / HTTPS要求の入り口であり、システムが要求を受け入れるか拒否するか、および要求をどこに送るべきかを定義します。 SAP Fioriシステムへの接続を拒否または受け入れることができます。
level landscape of SAP Fiori architecture are given below SAP Fiori - Architecture

Transactional apps can run on whatever database simply Fact sheets too Analytical apps requires SAP HANA database to function.

SAP ABAP Front-End Server

SAP ABAP front end-finish server contains all the UI components of Fiori organization as well as NetWeaver gateway. These UI components consist of fundamental UI add together on, SAP UI5 command library as well as SAP Fiori Launchpad. It besides contains product specific UI. Add-ons contain UI evolution for respective business concern suite such as ERP, SCM, SD, MM, etc.
SAP NetWeaver Gateway is used to setup a connectedness betwixt SAP business concern suite as well as target clients, platforms in addition to framework. It offers development and generation tools to create OData services to different customer evolution tools.

SAP ABAP Back-End Server

SAP ABAP Back-End Server is used to comprise the business organisation logic together with the dorsum-terminate data. Search model for fact sheets as well as SAP business suite is contained in ABAP dorsum-terminate server.

SAP HANA database too HANA XS Engine

HANA XS engine is used to function all analytical apps inward SAP Fiori. It contains Fiori app content in addition to virtual information-model reuse content, which is provided through SAP HANA Live.
HANA XS Engine consists of two components −
  • HANA Live App content for Business suite.
  • Smart Business element amongst KPI Modeler.
HANA Live content contains VDM reuse content, which tin can live used for extensibility purpose.
Notes −
  • Transactional apps inward SAP Fiori does not necessarily need SAP HANA database to work as well as tin can go on any database.
  • Fact Sheets, Analytical apps too Smart Business go exclusively on SAP HANA database alongside no exceptions allowed
  • HANA is required for search model part of Fact Sheets to go.
  • The data requested in Fact Sheets via search models is straight pulled from HANA database.

SAP Fiori Architecture: App Types

SAP Fiori apps are divided into three categories. They are distinguished on the footing of their part and infrastructure requirement.
As mentioned before, Transactional apps inward SAP Fiori does non necessarily take SAP HANA database to go and tin run on any database. Fact Sheets, Analytical apps as well as Smart Business work exclusively on SAP HANA database amongst no exceptions.
The film given below shows SAP Fiori Architecture for SAP Fiori dissimilar apps types.
level landscape of SAP Fiori architecture are given below SAP Fiori - Architecture

Fact Sheets require Search models to perform search capability inwards Fiori Apps. Fact sheets are used to drill the primal information in addition to contextual data inward business operations. In SAP Fiori tiles, you lot tin can drill down to farther details. It also allows yous to navigate from one fact sheets to all its related fact sheets.
Analytical apps in addition to Smart Business apps data come from HANA database through HANA XS Engine.
HANA Live content contains Virtual Data Model reuse content, which can live used for extensibility function.
The user places asking via Web browser using HTTPS. Trusted RFC is used to communicate betwixt ABAP Front-End together with Back-End server.

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