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Sap Fi Tutorials: Asset Accounting


The Asset Accounting (FI-AA) component is used for managing too supervising fixed assets amongst the SAP System. In Financial Accounting it serves every bit a subsidiary ledger to the General Ledger, providing detailed data on transactions involving fixed assets. 
The Asset Accounting factor is intended for international use inwards many countries. You give this component its country-specific and company-specific graphic symbol alongside the settings you brand inwards Customizing. The Implementation Guide (IMG) provides the necessary functions for this inward Asset Accounting. 
As a outcome of the integration inward the SAP System, Asset Accounting (FI-AA) transfers information direct to as well as from other SAP components. For example, it is possible to postal service from the  Materials Management (MM) factor directly to FI-AA. Also components similar Financial Accounting (FI)Controlling (CO)together with Plant Maintenance (PM) components are direct involved.

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