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Sap Crm Tutorials:Sap Isu Crm Form

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IUT110 Introduction to IS-U/CCS System
IUT210 Master Data in addition to Basic Functions 
IUT220 Device Managment
IUT221 Work Managment
IUT225 Energy Data Managment 
IUT230 Billing as well as invoicing
IUT235 Real Time Pricing
IUT240 Contract Accounts Receivables in addition to payables
IUT250 Customer Service
IUT280 Print Workbench
IUTW44 - IS-U Master Data Deregulation
IUTBIL - IS-U EDM Settlement Workshop

IUT110 Course Contents
* Overview
- IS-Utility/CCS application components
- Integration of IS-Utility/CCS alongside measure SAP organisation
* Execution of the well-nigh important business organization processes:
- Customer information
- Master information
- Move-inward/out handling
- Device maintenance
- Meter reading
- Billing too invoicing
- Energy data direction
- Contract accounts receivable together with payable
- Waste management 

IUT210 Course Contents
* Familiarize participants with the utility solution primary information as well as its use inward performing basic functions of the system.
* Use do-oriented exercises to learn participants to role the basic functions too tools of IS-Utility/CSS solution efficiently.
* IS-U/CCS basic functions
- Regional construction
- Scheduling
* Commercial master information
- Business partner
- Contract business relationship
- Contract
* Technical chief data
- Connection object
- Connection
- Premise
- Installation
- Point of delivery
- Device
* Integration with the measure SAP system
- Equipment
- Functional locations
- Material
* Enterprise organization/agent conclusion for Customizing functions.

IUT220 Course Contents
* Familiarize participants with the basic principles of device direction as well as the conversion of related key business concern processes inward IS- Utility/CCS, too as the interfaces of criterion SAP components MM (Materials Management) and PM (Plant Maintenance).
* In improver to providing a theoretical overview, this form equips participants amongst the practical power to install their own data constructs as well as customize the device direction.
* Device main information
* Inventory managment (integration alongside MM)
- Device procurement, device storage, device cause
* Device installation
- Installation, removal, replacement, and modification
- Device relationships and installation construction
* Meter readings
- Organization of readings
- Creation of meter reading orders too download to external systems
- Entry, validation, as well as extrapolation
- Monitoring of meter reading results
* Device inspection
- Sampling process
- Periodic meter replacement
- Integration amongst standard QM ingredient 

IUT221 Course Contents
* Description of basic processes in Work Management, besides as the connexion to standard components as well as interfaces to external systems.
* Use of exercises to learn the implementation and functioning of important processes in the system, such equally service connexion processing.
* Mapping technical plants for transmission as well as distribution
* Drawing up maintenance and service orders alongside service objects
- Time scheduling inwards telephone call heart
- Linking client too service orders with service products.
- Configuration of service products
- Configuration & pricing
- Multilevel service products
* Use of service objects in addition to products inwards utilities manufacture products
- Workflow for creating a service connexion with quotation
- Periodic replacement, repair, inspections, etc.
* Interfaces to external systems
- Integration of software products
- The GIS Business Connector
- Outage direction systems, SCADA systems too then on 

IUT225 Course Contents
* This class enables participants to use the Energy Data Management (EDM) constituent within IS- Utility/CCS.
* This class provides information about:
* Managing profiles in EDM
* Integrating profile direction in IS-U/CCS
* The structure of the EDM database system
* The EDM interfaces
* By the end of this form, participants should be able to make do profile information using EDM.
* Introduction to EDM
* Profile direction
- Storing profile data
- Create in addition to modify profile header
- Allocate profiles to IS-Utility data objects
- Profile value imports and the roles of profile allotment
- Import, display, as well as modify profile values too versions
* Synthetic profiles
- Generate in addition to role synthetic profiles
- Dynamic alteration of profiles
* Formula profiles
- Formula allocation together with formula calculation 

IUT230 Course Contents

* Explain the billing-relevant main data together with IS-Utility/CCS functions.
* Define the steps in the billing procedure catamenia, up to as well as including invoicing and neb printing.
* Teach participants to keep existing rates, create new constructs, too edit budget billing plans.
* Rate construction
- Rate types and rate categories
- Prices
- Billing schemas
- Rate decision
* Billing process
- Functions (including periodic and period-finish billing)
- Simulation
- Outsorting
- Reversal
- Manual billing
* Invoicing
- Bill print-out
- Budget billing plan
- Reversal
* Discounts too surcharges
* Special billing features
* Customizing functions 

IUT235 Course Contents
* Enables participants to use the real-fourth dimension pricing ingredient (RTP) within energy data direction (EDM).
* Teach participants how to purpose EDM for:
* Performing time series billing using charge profiles
* Creating complex rate models such equally fourth dimension-of-role too RTP
* Explain how to define complex rate models using the RTP interface inwards order to ready the data contained inwards EDM for billing in IS- Utility/CSS.
* Introduction to existent-fourth dimension pricing billing
* Overview of the RTP interface
- Scope of functions inwards IS-U/CSS billing
- Overview of classic billing inwards IS-U/CCS and the integration of profiles in billing
* Elements of the RTP interface
- Formulas too RTP components
- Customizing settings and restult parameters for input too output
- Embedding the RTP interface inwards IS-U billing.

IUT240 Course Contents
* Explain the technical information context of contract accounts subledger as well as its integration iwith FI full general ledger accounting in addition to other SAP modules.
* Demonstrate the near important business processes supported past contract accounting
* Explain how efficient revenue direction can live achieved using contract accounts receivable together with payable.
* Organizational elements of contract accounting
* Transactions too account conclusion
* Posting in addition to documents
* Account information
* Payments and returns processing
* Cash desk together with payment lot
* Settlement command
* Deferrals/installment plans
* Interest calculation
* Dunning in addition to collection
* Security deposits
* Transfer to full general ledger (FI-GL) too integration into farther SAP components
* Contract accounting equally the footing for credit too collections direction
* Demonstration of the customizing functions for all business organisation processes 

IUT250 Course Contents
* Explain the specific IS-Utility knowledge required for mapping typical business organization processes within a fellowship into the Customer Interaction Center (CIC).
* Enable participants to execute the virtually of import business organization processes inward customer service.
* Customer Interaction Center
- Operation together with user-specific alteration of CIC processes
- Design of the CIC interface
* Processing of business organisation transactions
- Customer information/contacts
- Move-in/out
- Disconnection/reconnection of installations
- Master data generator
* Customizing functions Note:
* This form does not comprehend the purpose of CIC as a phone call centre with telephony functions. 

IUT255 Course Contents
* Explain the nearly important aspects of the integration process betwixt SAP CRM, SAP IS-Utilities as well as SAP BW, besides as the information model.
* Identify the necessary Customizing settings for the integration of these systems and explain how to execute them.
* Process overview: involved objects (SAP CRM/SAP IS-U/SAP BW)
* Process overview: utility contracts for residential customers, follow- upwardly processes, in addition to marketing for utilities
* Middleware: general concepts
* Middleware replication: integration of business organisation partners and technical objects
* Products in SAP CRM, primary data templates inward SAP IS-Utility
* Replication of SAP CRM service contracts to SAP IS-Utility
* Initial download
* SAP IS-Utility contacts as well as SAP CRM activities
* Configuration of Interaction Center WinClient inwards SAP CRM
* Settings regarding marketing campaigns
* Processes in IC WebClient, KAM Portal for commercial too industrial customers

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