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Sap Crm Certification Questions

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Question Set ane 

Quick Tips:
  • SAP provides a Federal Reserve note "There are 'northward' correct answers to this question." inwards actual SAP CRM Certification Exam.
  • SAP does not inquire "True or False" type questions in actual SAP C_TCRM20_73 Exam.
  • SAP provides an option to Increase (+) or Decrease (-) font size of exam cover for ameliorate readability inward actual SAP Customer Relationship Management Certification Exam.

01. What is a pricing procedure in a concern transaction used for?  
Note: Please select the correct answer.
a) To define the search strategy that the organization uses to search for valid information in a specific status type.
b) To define the combination of fields that an private condition record consists of.
c) To determine the valid condition types too their calculation sequence in the business organization transaction.
d) To make up one's mind whether calculated subtotals are hidden or displayed on the pricing screens.
02. What is the Integrated Communication Interface (ICI) used for in SAP CRM?  
Note: Please pick out the right answer.
a) To enable communication betwixt SAP CRM in addition to mobile clients  
b) To enable communication between SAP CRM in addition to SAP SCM  
c) To enable communication betwixt SAP CRM in addition to Computer Telephony  
d) To enable communication between SAP CRM and SAP ERP
03. Which of the following are key elements of a service contract within SAP CRM? 
Note: There are 3 right answers to this query.
a) Resource planning
b) In-home repairs
c) Service level
d) Object listing
e) Billing plan
04. Your customer wants to role a novel business concern action to capture trade fair contacts. Which of the following settings are mandatory to fulfill this requirement? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this inquiry.
a) Maintain item category decision for the trade fair contact transaction type.  
b) Create a new job type to initiate follow-up activities amongst the trade fair contacts.
c) Define a transaction type for the trade fair contacts with leading transaction category "business organisation action."  
d) Maintain business organisation-activeness-relevant data for the trade fair contact transaction type.  
e) Maintain  questionnaire determination for the trade fair contact transaction type.
05. You are responsible for the initial data load from SAP ERP to SAP CRM. Which categories of information do you lot take to regard?
Note: There are three correct answers to this inquiry.
a) Corporate objects
b) Customizing objects
c) CRM-specific objects
d) Condition objects
e) Business objects
06. For which of the given processes is CRM Billing required for invoicing?
Note: There are 3 right answers to this question.
a) Service parts management  
b) Service social club direction  
c) Financial service and leasing  
d) Intellectual Property Management  
e) Sales social club management  
07. Which of the next SAP software components can live integrated alongside SAP CRM to allow you lot to compile too synchronize all the relevant information used to monitor too measure out the success of your firm?
Note: Please choose the right respond.
a) SCM
b) HCM
c) BW
d) SRM
08. Which of the next components embedded in the CRM middleware are function of the CRM Web Channel surroundings?
Note: There are ii correct answers to this interrogation.
a) Index server as well as search engine.  
b) Consolidated database (CDB).  
c) Internet Pricing and Configurator (IPC)  
d) Communication direction software  
09. Which of the following are possible sources inwards access sequences used in partner conclusion?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
a) Buying heart
b) Target groups
c) Business partner relationships
d) Preceding transactions
ten. Which of the following actions tin can Interaction Center agents commencement when processing inbound call up calls?
Note: There are iii correct answers to this inquiry.
a) Qualify a atomic number 82.
b) Identify the business relationship.  
c) Start the interactive script editor.  
d) Identify an installed base constituent/object.  
e) Create a new alarm.

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Question Set two 

01. Which of the following tools let you to change champaign labels on an SAP CRM WebClient UI sentiment?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this interrogation.
a) Application Enhancement Tool
b) Design Layer Customizing
c) UI Configuration Tool
d) UI Personalization
02. You desire to automatically set all expired quotations to complete. What is the almost fourth dimension efficient way to attain this requirement?
Note: Please take the correct respond. 
a) Define an warning profile.  
b) Define an activeness profile.
c) Define an incompleteness process.
d) Define a workflow template.  
03. Which tools are used to configure the SAP CRM WebClient UI?
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this query.
a) Graphical Modeler
b) Administration Console
c) UI Configuration Tool
d) Skin Workbench
e) Application Enhancement Tool
04. Your client asks y'all to explain the difference betwixt quotations and sales orders. Which role is supported in quotations only non in sales orders inward SAP CRM?
Note: Please take the correct reply.
a) Sales probability  
b) Campaign determination  
c) Use of payment cards  
d) Availability check  
05. Account classification tin live used to class your accounts according to any criteria you lot select. Which of the following statements is right?
Note: Please select the correct respond.
a) You can assign whatever issue of criteria together with attributes to each classification category.
b) Classification categories are fixed too cannot live enhanced.
c) Account classification influences the header fields that are displayed inside an account.
d) Account classification allows the assignment of several classification attributes to one account.
06. You desire to systematically make service orders from a service contract at specified periods. What do y'all require to define?
Note: Please select the right respond.
a) A product service alphabetic character  
b) Service Level Agreements  
c) A service design  
d) Counters
07. Which of the next grade office of the 3 footstep billing process inward SAP CRM?
Note: There are 3 right answers to this question.
a) Input processing
b) Output processing
c) Order integration
d) Billing
e) Company code Definition
08. What are the benefits of CRM Analytics?
Note: There are iii correct answers to this interrogation.
a) CRM interactive reports can be used to analyze activities, leads, in addition to opportunities.  
b) Analysis scenarios supply predefined packages too content for controlling customer-focused processes.  
c) CRM Analytics tin be used to transfer SAP ERP documents to the SAP CRM system for analysis.  
d) CRM Analytics tin live used to predict customer deportment.  
e) CRM Analytics can live used to mensurate CRM service transaction profitability inward existent fourth dimension.
09. Which of the next statements regarding marketing attributes are right?
Note: There are ii correct answers to this question.
a) Marketing attributes tin live assigned to a business concern partner.
b) Marketing attributes tin can be used in the SAP CRM Web Channel.
c) Marketing attributes always can have exclusively 1 value selected.
d) Marketing attributes tin exclusively live assigned to one attribute gear up
x. Which of the following are examples of business organisation transactions inward SAP CRM?
Note: There are three right answers to this query.
a) Appointments/meetings
b) Campaigns
c) Call lists
d) Rebate agreements
e) Service confirmations

Question gear up iii 

Q 1 - Which of the next is a submodule inwards SAP Customer Relationship Management CRM?
A - SAP CRM Sales
B - SAM CRM Marketing
C - SAP CRM Analytics
D - SAP CRM Service
eastward - All of the above
Q two - Which of the next is known equally office of SAP On Demand solution?
A - Sybase
C - Sales on need
D - All of the to a higher place
Q 3 - With acquisition of Hybris, SAP CRM Web Channel is no longer inwards use together with all the companies that has CRM Web Channel WCEM license, SAP recommends to purpose SAP Hybris to make do due east-Commerce in addition to Marketing needs?
A - True
B - False
Q iv - In SAP CRM, which of the following constituent contains Adapter too CRM Middleware to communicate amongst mitt held devices?
A - SAP CRM Server
B - SAP Enterprise Portal
C - SAP Mobile Clients
D - Handheld devices
Q five - Which of the following is the latest SAP CRM version?
A - CRM ix.0
B - CRM seven.0(EHP2)
C - CRM 2012
D - CRM Enterprise
Q six - Which of the next is incorrect nigh maintaining divisions in CRM?
A - When y'all are using CRM amongst ECC, at that place is a take to hold a dummy division.
B - You tin can besides use a header segmentation in CRM then that dummy partition for data transfer is not required.
C - To purpose segmentation at header grade in business organisation transactions in CRM, yous tin can choose the cheque box- "Division not human activity".
D - To role division at header grade inwards business organisation transactions inward CRM, you lot tin can choose the indicator- "Header Div Act".
Q vii - In SAP CRM RDS, RDS stands for?
A - Rapid Deployment System
B - Rapid Development Solution
C - Rapid Data Solution
D - Rapid Deployment Solution
Q viii - Which of the next T-code is used to access Customer Interaction Center inwards SAP Easy access?
A - CIC0
D - None of these
Q nine - In SAP CRM Web Client, which of the following expanse involves where changes go on alongside user actions in addition to where user industrial plant?
A - Navigation bar
B - Header Area
C - Work Area
D - All of the above
Q x - Which of the next functions are supported using CRM 7.0 Web Channel?
A - due east-Commerce
B - E-Selling
C - Direct Sales
D - Online Shopping
Q xi - In SAP CRM Web Client Work Area, where do y'all navigate to to display alerts, business organisation transactions in addition to alerts that are assigned or pending to user?
A - Home
B - Work List
C - Email inbox together with calendar
D - Header
Q 12 - In SAP CRM, which of the next areas are focused using CRM concern by blueprint?
A - Internet Sales
B - Partner Channel Management
C - Online in addition to E-commerce sales
D - Customer Contact Management


QUESTION: 01Answer: cQUESTION: 02Answer: cQUESTION: 03Answer: c, d, eQUESTION: 04Answer: c, dQUESTION: 05Answer: b, d, e
QUESTION: 06Answer: a, c, dQUESTION: 07Answer: cQUESTION: 08Answer: a, cQUESTION: 09Answer: c, dQUESTION: 10Answer: a, b, d

QUESTION: 01Answer: b, cQUESTION: 02Answer: cQUESTION: 03Answer: c, d, eQUESTION: 04Answer: aQUESTION: 05Answer: d
QUESTION: 06Answer: cQUESTION: 07Answer: a, b, dQUESTION: 08Answer: a, b, dQUESTION: 09Answer: a, bQUESTION: tenAnswer: a, d, e

Question Number 
Answer Key           i due east two C 3 A 4 A v B half dozen C vii D eight A 9 C 1 0 A ane 1 B one ii D

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