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What Is Sec/Iv Hana Simplification Bank Check ?

Simplification Item Check

At the time of due south/four HANA conversion simplification check plays an of import office to trim down the errors and  assist inwards a smoothen conversion . 

When y'all worked for SAP south/4HANA 1511 or 1610 projection, you lot must know the pre transition check (R_S4_PRE_TRANSITION_CHECKS from SAP Note 2182725). Now with SAP due south/4HANA 1709, a new framework is available, we call it Simplification Item Check

In case you would similar to cheque on the relevance of simplification items entirely, or bank check on the organisation consistency before conversion, SAP has introduced a Simplification Item Check (SI-Check) alongside SAP S/4HANA 1709.
  • it is completely novel re-designed based on the content inwards the Simplification Item Catalog
  • it has 2 checks:
    • relevancy check: every bit described to a higher place inward the simplification particular catalog, the calculation is based on rootage liberate, target free in addition to relevance check section
    • consistency cheque: past executing to get what client needs to do before the conversion to convey the organisation in a consistent country
  • it has the bank check framework and prepare of consistency bank check classes
    • cheque framework is delivered via SAP Note 2399707
    • consistency cheque classes are delivered via the primal TCI-based SAP Note 2502552 in addition to other notes which accept been ready every bit prerequisite of 2502552
  • it tin can live executed standalone for both the relevancy too consistency bank check. In add-on, it tin can as well live executed by SAP Readiness Check and Software Update Manager (SUM)
    • the issue of the department Simplification Items inward SAP Readiness Check comes from the relevancy cheque for SAP due south/4HANA 1511, 1610, 1709 together with higher free inward the hereafter
    • the SUM executes both the relevancy in addition to consistency check starting from SAP due south/4HANA 1709. For old unloose SAP S/4HANA 1511 in addition to 1610, the study R_S4_PRE_TRANSITION_CHECKS is even so used.

How to access

When all prerequisite notes have been implemented successfully inwards the SAP ERP organisation, it can live started alongside the report /SDF/RC_START_CHECK
  • The written report tin can be executed in dialog manner or inwards a background chore (under certain system weather the bank check tin accept hours)
  • It can likewise display the last cheque results
  • It can likewise display all executed check results alongside log sentiment
  • By default it uses the SAPOSS connectedness to connect to the SAP back up portal to fetch the latest simplification detail content from the simplification detail catalog,
  • In improver, it provides the option to upload the content manually also for the organisation does non have the connectedness to SAP back up portal due to security reason. The selected radio push indicates which selection is used.
    • download the content every bit null file from Simplification Item Catalog
    • role the push button “Upload Simplification Item Catalog”

Is the readiness cheque sufficient ?? 

The Readiness Check (RC) triggers the Simplification Item Check (SIC) – Relevant Check, and then in the early on planning phase, it is sufficient. But in that location is a item cheque – Consistency Check integrated into SIC.  The check is also required to perform earlier system conversion. So after planning stage, make another SIC cheque including Consistency Check amongst the report /SDF/RC_START_CHECK in your ERP organisation.

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