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Sap S4 Hana Tutorials: More Or Less Changes In Simple Logistics

Changes inward Simple Logistics Material Master

Master Data:

The starting time type of change is associated alongside the Master Data. Here the principal thought is that using HANA; SAP tin try out processing on a much larger scale together with supply ameliorate performance too.
Customer Master:
Management of customer too vendor Master Data inwards south/iv is past utilizing the business organisation partner approach.  Therefore, the conventional transaction code such every bit XD01, XD02, XD03 or VD01, VD02, VD03 is redundant in due south/4. Similar is the case for XK01, XK02, XD03 and MK01, MK02 and MK03. Hence, an venture migrating to S/iv needs to ensure that it is properly analyzed too that SAP due south/4HANA conversion procedure is carried out inward their entirety.
Material Master:
The textile master plain has been stretched upwards to forty characters, this is the major unmarried change in the textile main. Earlier it was 18 characters inwards the ECC. Therefore, an venture which has several systems in landscape exchanging cloth information must take this into account. Not alone this, only at that place are a few more than changes presented in southward/4HANA. Here, the foreign merchandise fields within Master Data are unattainable together with for this crow, Global trade service or CTS is the suggested solution.
The menu path to check the flag for an extended fabric field is  
Introduction of a New Material Type  
A novel cloth type, SERV, is available inward SAP due south/4HANA for services. The views available are:
Basic information
Sales view
Purchasing persuasion

Changes with Simple Logistics Material Ledger 

The material ledger is straight off mandatory for fabric valuation.
Changes with Foreign Trade Data 
Foreign merchandise data is no longer relevant inward due south/4HANA. It is straightaway a function of GTS. 
Business Suite Modules:
SAP S/4HANA company direction has been improved by recombining sections of SAP SRM, CRM, and SCM into the solution.  SAP southward/4HANA company management is also available on-premise too as in the Cloud with about equal efficiency.  This relies on varying subscription or licensing models. The SAP due south/4HANA solution can be a Cloud solution or tin can also be implemented every bit an on-premise organization such equally SAP ERP.
The latest releases inward May together with June 2016 for due south/4HANA packages both on-premise and Cloud has seen significant improvements as well as extensions in damage of functionalities nether Logistics.  The business organisation value of such enhancements under provide chain in addition to manufacturing, procurement, too Sourcing along alongside other cardinal functionalities offered in southward/4HANA is considerable. The functional aspects of both on-premise and Cloud solutions are like.
SAP has said that SAP south/4HANA is a completely new product offering and solutions suite as well as non the successor of business suites that accept come up before it. The type of functionality that is covered nether southward/4HANA company direction tin atomic number 82 1 to conclude that if they migrate to S/4HANA they volition accept to abandon the pre-existing business concern suite for optimal operation. But this does not have to live the example and migration can live a gradual procedure, continuing sure elements of legacy systems.

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