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Sap Mm : Cloth Valuation Course In Addition To Account (Mm - Fi Link)

Valuation course is a group of raw material alongside the same business relationship determination.
In whatsoever concern in that location volition live hundrends or thousands of raw material.You might take known spell integrating FI-MM yous take to create a full general ledger business relationship for each raw material. It is a difficult job to create every bit many as g/l accounts to every bit many raw material in that location exists. So the  like nature raw material are grouped depending on approximately characteristics together with valuation class is assigned to each such group of raw material.We make g/l accounts for these valuation classes as well as assign them.

Valuation form Tcode is OMSK

The valuation grade determines the M/L accounts that are updated as a issue of a valuation-relevant transaction or issue such every bit a goods crusade.The valuation form makes it possible to:
Post the stock values of material of the same cloth type to unlike thou/L accounts and Post the stock values of materials of dissimilar textile types to the same K/L account.
We role different valuation class for different types of materials. for ex.for Raw material-3000, for Finished goods-7920 etc.  Which identifies the respective GL Accounts inward the FI-MM integration.
The link will be taken  from the cloth primary MM01. when coming to the configuration part of VC, FICO people need not bother as nosotros have touchstone VCs available or if required MM people will configure our job is Identify the requirement and get in the relevant GL accounts.( it is difficult tio explain more than than this hither.)
Further if yous desire, pass your post id I volition forward the relevant textile.

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