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Sap Cloud Platform - Overview

SAP Cloud Platform 

is an open platform-equally-a-service likewise known as PAAS, which includes the in-retention SAP HANA database management organization ( platform is hosted on a fast HANA based database), connects to both on premises together with cloud-based systems running SAP or other 3rd-party software too relies on open standards,like Java, JavaScript, Node.js as well as Cloud Foundry for integration options.

SAP Cloud Platform is promoted to construct and extend business organisation applications alongside rapid design cycles.

SAP in addition to Apple Inc. partnered to educate mobile applications on iOS using cloud-based software development kits (SDKs) for the SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform is based on open rootage engineering, developed & supported inwards partnership alongside SUSE

The companionship is besides in partnership amongst Cloud Foundry for a beta offer of SAP Cloud Platform that enables customers to examination out and pass on feedback for the functionalities coming alongside Cloud Foundry


SAP Cloud Platform contains many services. For a improve overview, they were assigned to several categories. The next list contains all the categories defined past SAP:
  • Collaboration
    • SAP Jam
    • SAP Cloud Platform, gamification service
    • SAP Document Center
  • User Experience
    • SAP Cloud Platform Build
    • SAP Fiori Cloud
    • SAP Cloud Platform Portal
    • SAP Cloud Platform Forms by Adobe
    • Mendix
  • Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Remote Data Sync
    • SAP Agile Data Preparation
    • SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning
    • SAP Cloud Platform API Management
    • SAP Cloud Platform Workflow
    • SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules
    • SAP Cloud Platform Connector
    • SAP Cloud Platform Smart Data Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging (Beta)
  • Analytics
    • SAP Cloud Platform Predictive services
    • SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics
    • SAP HANA for Advanced Analytics
    • SAP BusinessObjects Cloud
    • SAP Leonardo
  • Internet of Things
    • SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things
  • Security
    • Cloud App Security amongst SAP Cloud Platform
    • SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication
    • SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning
  • Mobile
    • Mobile Service for development too operations
    • Mobile Service for app together with device management
    • Mobile Service for app protection
    • Mobile Service for SAP Fiori
    • SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
  • Business Services
    • SAP Business Services for YaaS
    • SAP Localization Hub, taxation service

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