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Kew Gardens

I had a quick trip to Kew Gardens this week, I hadn't been there for a while as it is the other side of town to me. I took my little Olympus camera and got a bit happy taking photos which you can see the evidence in this post. 
It's funny because whenever I post some exotic plant or flower or whatever fascinates me, someone will message me that it is in fact an invasive weed or as common as dish water in their country. I guess we are all amazed by things we don't often kids give me dandelions EVERY day, all my pockets have a rotting dandelion in them which I will discover in november whilst looking for my keys.

I'm not sure where nature was going with that one.

It rained, I wish I could have recorded it.

I love this old rusty Victorian hot house, I imagine it's like the ballroom of the sunken Titanic.

...And I really liked the mid-1980 architecture of this glass house, which usually goes wrong in my opinion.

Disclaimer: do not pick dandelions because the bees love them.