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July So Far

I couldn't have imagined two more completely different characters to be related, but, they do get on so I'm thanking my lucky stars for that. I'm more similar to my son in personality, and my daughter and I are a clash like a head on car crash. It is very wearing. She is amazing and very good and agreeable to everyone except me, whom she likes to drill down in a scarily methodical manner. She is more than her years.
However, we have a very similar dry sense of humour, and comedy is the most highest form of human bonding is it not? Many bridges have been rebuilt between us thanks to a good old laugh.

The stories of her and her brother's birth seem to go down very well, and are often asked for. The more gruesome or pain inflicting for me, the better (I fabricate a lot of it). She loves anything to do with smelly bottoms as well. I make up stories about them called 'Farty and Burpy' and she almost passes out from laughing.

She can be serious if she tries really hard.

This is the most exciting mode of transport at the moment. I did break into a sweat whilst pulling this thing up the cycle track.

My friend and I managed to break free of our kids for an evening and head off to our local beach with pizza and wine. Talking about a whole ton of life stuff whilst occasionally stopping to hear the waves hit the sand. very nice!

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