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How To Stay Positive And Motivated During This Pandemic State Of Affairs (Covid-Nineteen)

How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation  How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)
How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-nineteen)

Each passing days are bringing lots of curiosity together with fear inside us . We are then confused to observe the reply of the uncertain time to come . The world is suffering today together with nosotros are only helpless . The whole land is running alongside an incertitude. We are under lockdown for 21days which is near to finish inwards a twenty-four hour period or ii . Some states take already increased the lockdown menstruation for some more days . The decease charge per unit in addition to positive cases charge per unit  are increasing amongst every passing hours . All these volition definitely make anyone feel downwards . But nosotros require to be stiff directly , we have to live united mentally non physically. We necessitate to call up that , " Together we can win the battle" .

There is besides a video of mine on this subject as well , please scout HERE 👇🏻.

As we all are under lockdown as well as tin can't step out , becoming frustrated is rattling normal . This is  completely new experience for everyone . If you volition ask me , to be really honest Initially everything was vomplfine with me just gradually equally fourth dimension increased it felt really suffocated to me . Because it is not easy to stay within a 2bhk apartment family amongst two really pocket-size kids (one is a infant) as well as moreover without whatever aid . My hubby has to get office daily equally common too I accept to deal everything all lonely . I am a very socialize soul in addition to this was and so hard for me at to the lowest degree . But eventually I started accepting things and added few changes in my lifestyle too daily routine . Trust me guys those changes actually made divergence.

So hither I will share those tiny ,simple changes which helps me to stay positive  and motivated during this pandemic situation.

one. Don't stick to news channels or social media 

 Watching tidings together with staying updated is skillful only currently I will not propose to check news channels  every at once too then . The more than you lot will endeavor to get updated well-nigh covid19 cases ,the more yous will become restless together with afraid . Because the numbers are increasing and then frequently . In the same way endeavour to remain away from social media equally much every bit possible . Now a days social media is then disturbing to live very honest .

2. Start doing meditation and yoga

How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation  How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)
How to Stay Positive in addition to Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-nineteen)

Meditation brings peace inward mind in addition to a mean solar day when starts with meditation and yoga ,definitely volition be peaceful twenty-four hour period . Because of the exterior stress and lockdown , nosotros tin can feel exhausted sometimes and it's quite natural . Making the heed calm is necessary to convey out the energy inside yous . And yoga or pranayam is really necessary these days . Try to include the respiratory organization related yogasanas like Kapalbhati in addition to anulombilom ,etc.

iii. Watch comedy movies and spider web serial , listen music 

I dear watching comedy movies ,web serial ,etc. You tin picket those to brand yourself relaxed later on all laughing is the best treat for your body . It us said that music is the best therapy to cure any form of depression. You tin can listen practiced music according to your choice in addition to trip the light fantastic besides ..

4. Engage yourself to or so creativity things / Play with Kids

This is fourth dimension to explore your inner desire ,hobby ,etc. You tin engage yourself doing anything you beloved to make merely was non getting plenty time to fulfill . activities like  crafting ,gardening , dancing ,cooking, singing , painting ,etc .. Along with that if you accept kids at hone , brand sure to engage them with you likewise .

five. Read books

How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation  How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)
How to Stay Positive as well as Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-nineteen)

I take developed my dear towards volume reading these days . Unfortunately I don't accept many books correct now at domicile but I manage to read online (ebooks). Trust me I am enjoying reading book similar never before . I am going to review few of my books reviews actually presently .

This is a actually tough notice for all of us in addition to the whole world is struggling to become out of this pandemic situation. We should stand up together directly (non physically but mentally ofcourse) to defeat this state of affairs. Try to ignore or avoid all kind of negative vibes and effort to live positive all the time . If nosotros break downwardly immediately ,it will live actually difficult for us to stand up directly again.
#StayHome too #StaySafe .

Loads of dearest and God bless us all.

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