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Happy Xmas!

Hello anyone still reading this blog! Thank you for stopping by. 
It has been crazy year for everyone and I hope you are all okay. 
Not much Xmassy things to look at here as we still don't have our new home sorted (a few annoying set backs) but having a lovely xmas staying with my family. 
I have been very busy in the run up to xmas, moved house in november and making lots of jewellery to send off to customers. It will be nice to chill out for a bit.
These photos are from a walk to Castlehaven in Niton, Isle of Wight. It has been so stormy here, and all the surfers have been out, makes me shiver just thinking about it. You can just about make out the silhouette of St.Catherine's Lighthouse below.

Happy Xmas everyone!


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