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Grey Sapphire Ring ...And Other Stories


Hello dear friends, it's been too long since I posted...for those who don't follow me on my other places, I thought I'd bombard you with jewellery related matter once again. I like to keep this blog going as a bit of a document to what I have been up to in my life in general, and at the moment, that's all about jewellery making.

I can't quite believe that for the past 7 months, the children and I have been camping in my mum's living room. We've slept, ate, had xmas, home schooled, lockdown and worked all in one living room. I have made hundreds of pieces of jewellery from a small table I've borrowed from my mum. My son has made hundreds of pieces of lego creations on the floor at my feet. Needless to say, my mum is the star of the show for sacrificing her once very peaceful abode to complete mayhem and human occupation it was not designed for. On top of that I have been on the verge of complete breakdown. I hovered on that verge for a long time but luckily my kids kept tugging at my arm so I never went over it.

The half of my brain that is creative, is also optimistic and I escaped my woes by concentrating on my business in the hopes that it will continue to provide for us (which it has and I'm completely humbled by my supportive customers).

All this chaos was caused simply by the frustrating complexities of property conveyancy. Our house purchase fell through at the last moment in November, and my next apparently straight forward, no onward chain purchase has taken months upon months of wading through treacle. My advice - don't move house.

I will update this space with my ongoing home buying saga for those that are interested.
Much more interesting to me are these pictures of my latest jewellery additions which are all available over on my online shop.

I'm especially chuffed with this beautiful grey sapphire that I found. I love the crisp pale ice blue natural colour.

I have just added the ones pictured here below, I think the Horus necklace is my favourite and I will make one for myself. I need this beady eye looking over me!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope to have better news to give you soon...I really am itching to get on with my life and relax on a beach somewhere and do nothing at all.

p.s. Of course move house, sometimes it's the wisest path to take.

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