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Forbidden Honey - An Anthology Of Four Brusk Films : Review

This September, ZEE5 released a novel anthology of four brusk movies named #ForbiddenLove. All the iv movies are total of romance, thriller in addition to suspense. The first cinema is Arranged Marriage which is directed by Pradeep Sarkar tells the floor of a homosexual man who is pressurised to hook up with a adult female past his family unit. The minute picture show is Anamika. This is the floor of an older wife who has an affair amongst a human much younger to her only to escape her loveless wedlock. Both the films released earlier inward September.

 All the four movies are full of romance Forbidden Love - An anthology of four short films : Review
Forbidden Love - An anthology of four curt films : Review

The tertiary film is Rules Of The Game, which is directed past Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury starring Aahana Kumra together with Chandan Roy Sanyal. This cinema tells the level of a dyad who try to make their married life exciting again by creating some part-play. The quaternary celluloid is Diagnosis of Love which is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. This is a level of doctors alongside total of suspense together with thriller.

Arranged Marriage:

Cast: Ali Fazal, Patralekha Paul, Omkar Kapoor, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Lily Chakraborty

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

Producers: Ratan Jain, Ganesh Jain

Rating: 4/five

 All the four movies are full of romance Forbidden Love - An anthology of four short films : Review
Forbidden Love - An anthology of four brusque films : Review

The story of the motion picture is near Dev (Ali Fazal) too Neil (Omkar Kapoor), who are in dear with each other but can’t face up their families near their pick of sexuality. At times Neil gets married to Dev’sec cousin Keya (Patralekha Paul). The immature bride was worried about Neil’sec lack of involvement inward sex activity in addition to she decides to do anything to make her spousal relationship go. She as well meets a physician to cure Neil'sec affliction of homosexuality.

Homosexuality is still a taboo for our guild as well as how these 2 boys are struggling to brand their same-sexual practice human relationship success is the pilar of the floor. Director Pradeep Sarkar portrays the human relationship of Dev and Niel amongst so much maturity. The level ends amongst a not-then-happy bank bill. The performance of Patralekha Paul is outstanding. The motion-picture show shows that our guild however rattling much crucial towards homosexual relationships too it will take a hard fourth dimension to brand everyone empathise.

Anamika :

Cast - Pooja Kumar, Aditya seal, Harsh Chaya 

Director: Priyadarshan Nair

Producer- Ratan Jain, Ganesh Jain

Rating : iii.eight/v

 All the four movies are full of romance Forbidden Love - An anthology of four short films : Review
Forbidden Love - An anthology of iv short films : Review

Anamika is the storey of Anamika (Pooja Kumar), a typical Indian adult female, whose husband Vijendra (Harsh Chhaya) is e'er busy with his work and has no time for her. Anamika has a solar day chore at a café, where a boyfriend Ishaan (Aditya Seal) comes oftentimes as well as slow enters her life. He brings dorsum the happiness she is looking for inward her matrimony. Anamika wants to beginning her life fresh together with wants to act away from her wedlock. She somehow caught between dearest together with responsibility towards her family.

And like this, the storey has a lot of twists as well as drama. Actress Pooja Kumar has done a vivid performance inward her part. The level of Anamika is definitely the story of many women inwards our order. The Pb role player Harsh Chhaya also performed and so well to bring a natural vibe to the whole floor. 

This is a masterpiece past Priyadarshan alongside a natural appeal. The script is actually finely crafted. The cinematography is slap-up as the emotions of each and every graphic symbol inward the celluloid are captured beautifully on the photographic camera. Anamika is a full-on entertainment picture.

 Rules of the game :

Cast: Aahana Kumra, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Anindita Bose

Director: Aniruddha Roy Chaudhary

Producer : Ratan Jain, Ganesh Jain

Rating : 4/v

 All the four movies are full of romance Forbidden Love - An anthology of four short films : Review
Forbidden Love - An anthology of 4 brusque films : Review

The level of the motion picture is based on a duad who spiced upwardly their matrimony with or so roleplay which goes likewise far. Here Priya, starring Aahana Kumra is a housewife who has left her job too is looking for whatsoever kind of excitement inwards her life. Gaurav starring Chandan Roy Sanyal is the hubby who loves his married woman simply is struggling to go on her involvement and detect whatever dear in their relationship. Priya loves to play online games , the mysterious variety.

Anindita Bose plays the role of Nisha, who is Priya’s best friend. She was not happy  inwards her matrimony. Things become interesting when Priya begins feeling similar somebody is stalking her. To salve their matrimony Priya in addition to Gaurav attempt to office play inwards bed, simply this leads to just about dangerous consequences. The rules of the game go broken as well as the duad faces serious problem.

Aahana Kumra is the star of the cinema. She plays the character Priya then perfectly to keep holding the warmth of the 45minutes cinema. Chandan Roy Sanyal does his best as Gaurav to please his married woman merely couldn't actually understand what is going on inward her heed. Together their chemical science is dynamic together with interesting. There are full-on drama, mystery together with excitement to proceed y'all hooked onto the moving-picture show.

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury who created the story as well as directed this film besides does a smashing task past keeping a scary mysterious climax. 

Diagnosis of Love :

Cast: Mahesh V Manjrekar, Raima Sen, Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, Ranvijay Singh, Mrunmayee Deshpande, Dhanjay Singh

Director: Mahesh V Manjrekar

Producers: Ratan Jain, Ganesh Jain

Rating - 4.five /v

 All the four movies are full of romance Forbidden Love - An anthology of four short films : Review
Forbidden Love - An anthology of four brusque films : Review

The film starts alongside medicoSudha (Raima Sen) trying to convince the board of a Goa hospital to onboard Dr.Harsh Thakur (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi) who is an honor-winning MD alongside a night past. But they are not convinced equally he was defendant of murdering his girl Kalindi (Mrunmayee Deshpande) in Pune afterwards making her significant. But Harsh was given a clean chit past constabulary inward this instance. Sudha’sec married man Vaibhav (Mahesh V Manjrekar) doubts his married woman’s intentions towards Dr. Harsh too he asked his “family friend” ACP Aditya (Ranvijay Singh) to await into his married woman'sec activities. Here I desire to mention that they take no kid even later on 10years of union. Someday Vaibhav came to know that Sudha is meaning alongside soul else'second child. Then slow it follows a murder mystery which keeps y'all on your toe to know what volition fall out next .

Diagnosis of Love is the perfect combination of dearest, romance, in addition to extra-marital affairs. Each layer of the story is filled alongside suspense.

Here the operation of Mahesh Manjrekar, Raima sen in addition to Vaibhav Tatwawaadi is first-class.The stand up out grapheme of ACP Aditya played by Ranvijay is again appreciated. Overall a beautifully scripted movie amongst lots of drama, dearest, suspense, everything. 

Being the issue 1 OTT platform ZEE5 never forgets to supply novel stories in damage of amusement to their viewers. Forbidden beloved is a pack of 4 movies which are dissimilar from each other together with worth watching. So why are you waiting ! Watch Forbidden Love on Zee5 right forthwith..

*picture courtesy - ZEE5.com

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