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Eight & A Cake


We have had a whole week of birthday here, I can't believe she is eight already where did that last year go?! 
I am not really an autumn person, and it takes me a few months to get used to the dark and the cold. Also, not much to do here on the Island except go to the pub, which due to covid is not so appealing as it usually is. We did however go on a few nice walks and inhaled a bit of good old nature.

(my cake efforts this year - vanilla cake with cream cheese icing, edible dried petals and fresh thyme, as I always get asked, which is super flattering of course!).

(I poured out about half a litre of water from each of Leify's boots).

This year seems to be all about baby pumpkins! Which is fine by me because it pains me to throw away big rotten pumpkin lanterns each halloween. These can even go in the fridge and last longer too!

She is a complete gem, and still has not grown out of her toilet humour.

I have been so busy making jewellery these last few months, so apologies I haven't been here much lately. Thank you for reading my blog, and to those who have written to me to ask whats up, that is so nice! 
All is well here as can be when in the midst of moving house during a pandemic. It is taking SO long and I have been going a bit crazy. Fingers crossed all will come good, but I am not sure where we will be staying during xmas.

And, another thank you to all of those who have bought from Only Through Shadows! It is amazing and such a good start for my new business. It's a little ray of optimism and I feel truly happy at my jewellery bench, so cheers to that!

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