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Blockchain: Consensus Mechanisms

The dictionary  pregnant of Consensus is to "Come to general agreement" . Agreement of truth , that what nosotros concluded is the Truth for each one of us . 
In case of humans nosotros make that past contestation , discussing together with sometimes breaking olfactory organ or molar .
However,Machines on the other hands can neither contend nor pause each others Mouse or Keyboards so they have to role an electronic consensus mechanism to concord to i truth of the arrangement .

There a many consensus machinery:

Proof of Work: BTC,ETH
Proof of Stake: DASH,CARDANO
Delegated Proof of Stake: BitShares
Proof of Burn: XRP
Proof of Elapsed Time:POET
Practical Byzantine error:?? Help to place Tolerant Mechanism?? Help to place
Proof of Importance:?? Help to identify
Proof of Identity:?? Help to place

However about of import upwards to immediately are prisoner of war together with POS. 

POW (Proof of Work)
POW is the get-go and most well-known consensus machinery and invented past Bitcoin’sec founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. In prisoner of war, a miner who finds the hash outset volition be allowed to add together a novel block of the transaction to the blockchain. The procedure of mining is extremely computation-intensive, and so having a high hashrate is the central for miners to calculate the hash, thence getting the rewards. Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum is as well using prisoner of war every bit a part their algorithm. However, what makes Ethereum unlike is their proof of stake (POS)-based finality organization capable of overlaying an existing PW blockchain, resulting inwards a hybrid PW/POS organization called Casper Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG).

POS (Proof of Stake)

POW requires extensive free energy consumption. Over the past a few years, the ascent value of bitcoin boosted the demand for GPU. Some fleck companies create custom chips only for mining. Unlike POW, POS is based on the participants’ money stake. The more than coins the staker has, the more than likely the staker will add a novel block of the transaction to the blockchain. There’second no block advantage inwards POS. The staker’second rewards are solely the transaction fee. Because of lower free energy-intensive compared to PW, POS organisation is suited for platforms with static coin provide. Most crowdsale-funded platforms leverage this approach to distributing tokens based on investment.

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) is i of the the fastest, efficient, decentralized, too flexible consensus model available. DPOS leverages the ability of stakeholder approval voting to resolve consensus issues inwards a fair as well as democratic manner. All net parameters, from fee schedules to block intervals as well as transaction sizes, tin live tuned via elected delegates. Deterministic choice of block producers allows transactions to be confirmed inward an average of just one second. Perhaps virtually importantly, the consensus protocol is designed to protect all participants against unwanted regulatory interference.

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