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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Using Sap Leonardo Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate your Digital Transformation using SAP Leonardo Artificial Intelligence 

SAP Leonardo is the worlds solely digital design organisation, which combines Design Thinking services, Machine learning, Big Data, IOT, Data Intelligence, Block Chain together with Analytics to operate the firm smarter, smoother and completely digital.
  1. Design thinking services- Enables users to construct hereafter digital venture
  2. Machine learning- provides the computers the power to larn without being explicitly programmed.
  3. Big Data- Manage vast amounts of information
  4. IOT (Internet of Things)- Internet of computing devices embedded inward everyday objects
  5. Block Chain- increment auditability together with decrease fraud
  6. Data Intelligence & Data Analytics
All the higher up technologies will be integrated to SAP Cloud Platform. Moreover SAP Leonardo is built on SAP HANA( In-Memory Database to back up existent fourth dimension Business).
The earth is transforming digital solar day to 24-hour interval. By combining all these technologies SAP Leonardo is going make whatever Enterprise of whatsoever manufacture run completely digital as well as powerful without whatsoever hassles.

SAP relaunched its Leonardo platform every bit a “digital design arrangement” inward June 2017 at its Sapphire conference in Orlando, marker a shift from what was one time considered an IoT platform.
The thought of the novel-expect Leonardo is to permit customers to accept advantage of emerging technologies similar artificial word (AI), automobile learning, advanced analytics as well as blockchain on elevation of their business organisation information.
Now SAP wants to reach customers a uncomplicated fashion to encompass all of these emerging technologies to solve specific concern problems, before packaging them upwardly for not-early adopters to procure afterwards on. So instead of but helping customers embrace IoT alongside a cloud organisation as well as a set of templates, SAP has expanded Leonardo to the whole spectrum of company problems.
As Mike Flannagan, senior vice president of analytics at SAP put it at the time: “Leonardo is almost accelerating fourth dimension to value by finding generalised, common business concern problems across an manufacture.
“It’second near taking a business organisation job, which is specific to ane customer, observe the elements of that job which are mutual across the manufacture, so defining the elements of a methodology, the technologies used to solve that problem in addition to bundle those up and brand them available as an accelerator for the adjacent customers”.
Simply set, Pat Bakey, president of SAP Industries, has described Leonardo as "our fashion of packaging excogitation".

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