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Zte Revealed A Smart T-Shirt With 5G That Can Track Vital Health Data

Launched at the MWC 2021, YouCare is an innovation that enables health monitoring using a t-shirt with sensors embedded and data transmission via 5G.
 YouCare is an innovation that enables health monitoring using a t ZTE revealed a Smart T-shirt with 5G that can track vital health data
A wearable 5G intelligent t-shirt (Screenshot from ZTE News)

The YouCare shirt can monitor several health parameters through the sensors

As discussed during the event, the project focuses on the use of revolutionary textile devices like the T-shirt without metal components and with sensors naturally "set" into the fabric. It means the YouCare shirt is washable and reusable, it looks like a regular t-shirt.

The developers in this project said that the wearable device was created in Italy. Allegedly, it can detect several vital bio-markers in the body such as a "real" electrocardiogram, a respiratory act analysis, the components of the sweat, the muscle effort, and the body temperature.

There's a miniaturized control that records the data, then converts them to digital format. After that, the data is sent to a bidirectional platform, which transmits the data to a smartphone or smartwatch. The data generated is then sent through 5G infrastructure enabled by ZTE to dedicated centers or perorangan users.

At the launch, ZTE emphasized its enthusiasm in participating in this project. It also repeats that it will continue its assistance by initiating the YouCare 5G test soon.

Reportedly, the YouCare project could expand access to healthcare to a wide array of users. Remote monitoring can be really helpful in assisting those with long-lasting sickness to get immediate attention on the go.

 By monitoring health, depresi, and active living behaviors, YouCare can possibly improve the safety of people, especially of the elderly and the athletes. Because of that, numerous stakeholders, including the International Red Cross, are excited to see it push through.

As mentioned, the developers from Italy and ZTE are still working and testing the smart t-shirt. There are no details yet when it will officially arrive in the market.

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Source: ZTE

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