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Wetv Teams Up With Xtreme Appliances To Bring Premium Asian Content To Ph

WeTV and XTREME Appliances teamed up to bring high-quality Asian content to Filipino households. WeTV features Chinese, Korean, Thai, and PH content.
WeTV and XTREME Appliances teamed up to bring high WeTV teams up with XTREME Appliances to bring premium Asian content to PH
WeTV and XTREME Appliances gives 1 month FREE VIP subscription

WeTV and XTREME Appliances inks partnership

WeTV is a video streaming platform from Tencent Video. It is a service available in the Philippines, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and other Asian countries. Now, the video streaming platform inked a partnership with XTREME Appliances. The latter is the first TV-Audio merk that partnered with WeTV.

In the said partnership, customers who purchase an XTREME Android TV in any XTREME Appliances concept stores and online platforms will receive a FREE WeTV one-month VIP subscription. Current XTREME Android TV users will get a subscription code too. To redeem the free subscription, customers can send a photo together with the downloaded WeTV app on their XTREME Android TVs to XTREME Appliances social media pages or send a message through XTREME's situs web.

Some of the feature shows on WeTV include Mysterious Love, Smile, The Untamed, Be Loved in House, I Do, and more. The WeTV app is also free to download via Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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