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Watch: #Doitbetter With Pldt Home Video Released

PLDT has just released a video campaign called "Do It Better with PLDT Home" highlighting the advantages of its Fiber connection.
PLDT has just released a video campaign called  Watch: #DoItBetter with PLDT Home video released
Win faster with PLDT Home?

Do It Better with PLDT Home

Basically, the theme of the video shows that its subscribers can work faster, play harder, and be "closer" at home when connected to a PLDT Home connection. It also showed how a fast and reliable internet connection can be used for online learning, growing your business, sharing the content you created to the world easier, and watch videos without lag.

For better connectivity at home, PLDT recommends WiFi Mesh that provides a stronger signal in every room with zero dead spots. WiFi Mesh Starter (Deco M4) starts at PHP 298 per month for 24 months while the Deco M5 starts at PHP 498 per month.

PLDT is also highlighting its WiFi 6 routers for better and more stable connection at home that could be great for gaming starting at PHP 1,349 per month.

There is a FREE Speed Boost on every upgrade at well starting at Fibr Unli Plan 1699 with 35 Mbps of speed and up to 100 Mbps speed boost.

For better security at home, PLDT has Fam Cam starting at HPP 99 per month. One month of Viu for K-dramas and more is also FREE when subscribed to PLDT Home.

For more berita about the offerings of PLDT Home, click this link.

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