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Sap Sd Tutorials : Customer Consignment Sales Process

Consignment Sales Process inward SAP

The consignment procedure in SAP touchstone consist of iv small processes: 
Consignment fill up (mail material to client consignment). 
Here you have a consignment fill up upward gild as well as a consignment make full upwardly delivery. 
Consignment event (upshot materials from client consignment to the customer)
Here y'all have a consignment issue order, consignment effect delivery as well as a consignment issue invoice. (the period is really similar to a normal OR menstruation, merely the materials are issued from the consignment stock instead of institute stock unrestricted). 
Consignment return (render material from client ownership to customer consignment)
Here yous take a consignment return club, consignment render delivery together with a consignment render account. (the period is really like to a normal RE menses, simply the materials are returned to the consignment stock instead of institute stock returns). 
Consignment pickup (pickup consignment stock as well as move it to found stock)
Here y'all have a consignment pickup gild and a consignment pickup delivery. 
Note that inwards consignment fill up upwardly in addition to consignment pickup at that place are no invoices since at that place is no modify of ownership for the material. 
How to perform a consignment club
In consignment orders you lot are allowing the stock to sit down inwards your client location. Once he informs that he used the stock y'all will invoice him. If he returns the stock you volition take the stock to accept it back.
It is defined inward 4 steps.
ane. Consignment fill upwardly: 
Sales document type is KB
Item category KBN
Schedule line of work category E1
In this stride, y'all are not invoicing the customer. Document period is sales gild ---- delivery item category. It volition not live relevant for billing as well as pricing because you lot are non charging coin for these goods inwards this stride.
In schedule job category, yous volition prepare effort type 631 too ready for availability cheque together with TOR.

two. Consignment Issue.
Once the customer informed you that he used all the goods or partial goods and so you will make consignment event for used goods.
Sales document: KE
Item category: KEN
Schedule occupation category: C0 or C1
Here y'all are invoicing the customer (because he used the goods). you are assigning the delivery document together with billing document to the sales document.
In particular category, yous are setting relevant for billing, pricing, particular stock.
In schedule occupation category, your setting is 633movement type, relevant for availability bank check and TOR.

three. Consignment Return:
Customer plant that around goods are damaged or he non able to sold the goods he want to mail it back. That yous are creating this document
Sales document type: KR
Item category: KRN
Schedule occupation category: D0
You will assign delivery document together with billing to sales document. You volition create return guild, return delivery, return billing.
You're setting particular category relevant for billing, returns, in addition to pricing, special stock.
Your setting schedule line item category: 634 effort type, NO availability NO TOR.

4. Consignment Pick up:
Even if you make the consignment return the goods are not come to straight to your institute. For that you lot require to create consignment choice upwards. Here the owner send is not changing then you lot make not need to make billing.
Assign render delivery to sales document type
Sales document: KA
Item category: KAN
Schedule line category: F0 and F1
Your setting detail category relevant for returns, any schedule occupation category relevant for 632-drive type, MRP, availability bank check, delivery.
Now y'all check your constitute stock. Stock volition increase.

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