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Instagram Transitions To Be An Entertainment Platform—No Longer Just A Photo-Sharing App

Adam Mosseri, Instagram's Head, posted a video on Twitter sharing the company's future plans. The app is aiming to be more than a photo-sharing app.
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As stated in the video post, Adam Mosseri stated that Instagram as an app aims to change its nature of service, He blatantly stated that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. Instead, the company aims to focus on four key aspects namely creators, video, shopping, and messaging.

Video content seems to be one of the main focuses of Instagram as it shifts to become an entertainment service similar to YouTube and TikTok. Future features will revolve around better video creation such as full-screen, mobile-first videos, and featured videos on the timeline.

In retrospect, Instagram's transition comes as a surprise for no one. As the competition changed and improved over the years, the company also moved with the flow and changed to follow the latest trends. In fact, looking at Instagram from years ago, the recent version of it is so far from its origins.

Instagram also decided to come clean and transparent about how the app really works in recent videos posted by Mosseri. He even explained how the Instagram algorithm work and how shadow banning work.

With these revelations, should we be looking for a new photo-sharing app to use? Something for artists and photographers to post their works and not be overshadowed by video content?

What do you guys think?

Source: Adam Mosseri

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